All-Natural Farm

Our all-natural farm right inside the Resort produces the healthiest lettuces which we use for salads. They are rich in Vitamins A, K and C, folate, manganese and chromium. Lettuce helps in proper digestion, promotes healthy liver and decreases threats of heart diseases and strokes. And because we only use organic fertilizers and pesticides all these nutrients and natural enzymes present in lettuces are not destroyed.


Oceans Edge Resort has gone gaga over microgreens! They are small but pack a nutritional punch. These baby plants are aromatic and have a higher concentration of nutrients compared to mature greens. They make excellent additions to salads and dishes. And Yes, we grow them right here at our all-natural farm.

All Natural Farm, nestled at the resort of Oceans Edge Resort in Sitio Inihawan Brgy. Lanas, Carabao Island, Romblon, is the resort destination in the Philippines. Our farm tour is available to our guest who wants to relax and experience farm life for a day or two. Learn the basics of organic farming and enjoy the amenities in the resort.